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March 07, 2013
On March 30th the new Avantasia album "The Mystery Of Time" will hit the stores. Check out the limited collector's deluxe edition: A 48 pages 12" hard cover book (that's approximately the size of a vinyl LP) containing an extended interview with Tobias, a history part, unseen photos, two bonus tracks ("Death Is Just A Feeling" with Tobias on vocals and an additional brand new track "The Cross And You") and a second disc with bonus-Karaoke-versions of the ten regular album tracks. Click here to check out the deluxe version: The Mystery of Time (Limited Edition Earbook)
February 28, 2013
In April AVANTASIA will set off on the road for the MYSTERY WORLD TOUR in order to promote their new album “THE MYSTERY OF TIME“ (out on March 30th, check it out here).
The tour management has just been informed that the first show in Switzerland is already sold out. Swiss Avantasia fans can still get tickets for the second night in Pratteln! Check the tour section for details!
February 28, 2013
In April AVANTASIA will set off on the road in order to promote their new album “THE MYSTERY OF TIME“ (out on March 30th). Besides Tobias the line up on the first part of MYSTERY WORLD TOUR will pretty much look like this: Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids), Thomas Rettke (Heavens Gate), Bob Catley (Magnum), Michael Kiske (Unisonic, ex-Helloween), Oliver Hartmann, Amanda Somerville, Sascha Paeth & more. Check the tour section for details!
February 28, 2013
On March 30th the new AVANTASIA album “THE MYSTERY OF TIME“ will be released. The first press reactions clearly show that Tobias is about to release what may be considered the most complete album in the discography of AVANTASIA. Returning to the conceptual nature that made the first two AVANTASIA albums milestones in the history of Heavy Metal, it's time to make a giant leap into the future. On the album the characters of the story will be potrayed by Tobias himself, Biff Byford (Saxon), Michael Kiske (Unisonic, ex-Helloween), Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow, ex-Deep Purple), Bob Catley (Magnum), Ronnie Atkins (ex-Pretty Maids), Cloudy Yang and Eric Martin (Mr. Big).

The world tour will kick off in April. For their own indoor arena shows in Europe AVANTASIA have announced to play 3-hour-shows, not only playing their new album “THE MYSTERY OF TIME“, but also embracing their history and paying tribute to their very early material. 

Vocalists that fans can expect to see on stage during the first leg of the tour are: Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids), Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween), Bob Catley (Magnum), Thomas Rettke (Heavens Gate), Oliver Hartmann, Amanda Somerville (Trilium) and Tobias of course. Ticket information can be found in the tour section.
February 27, 2013
On March 29th AVANTASIA will release their new album "The Mystery Of Time".  Now the band presents the first track called "INVOKE THE MACHINE".  In addition to mastermind TOBIAS SAMMET, the track features PRETTY MAIDS vocalist RONNIE ATKINS as a guest singer.

Tobias Sammet comments: "I have been a huge PRETTY MAIDS fan since I was a teenager. I already asked Ronnie to be on the Metal Opera in 1999, but he was busy back then. Last year I saw PRETTY MAIDS live, and they were a steam train on stage, unbelievable. After the show we met and Ronnie was a great guy.  Finally after 13 years, I am really proud to have him on the new Avantasia album. And his kick-ass performance leaves no doubt: It was a great decision to ask him!"

You can also watch the edit version of the track as a lyric video directly on Youtube here.  Enjoy!

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