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December 01, 2010
For Avantasia's show in Fulda on December 18th there are now only seat-tickets for the platform available. You can buy those at, but you better be quick - the show will be sold out shortly.
December 01, 2010
"The time has come - We are back on the road! Yesterday the tour started in Switzerland and it was a blast for all of us and I am sure for all of our fans as well. The band is much tighter than last time, everybody is having a great time and it feels just "right" to be up there. It feels right for everyone of us and right after the show we all came to the conclusion that it was the best thing to happen to go up on that stage again. Prior to the show I was a bit nervous, Michael said that this was his job, but I think he is happy that there is a chicken like me in the band. As soon as I was up there and the lights went on, the adrenalin-rush ran over the nerves. A three hour show was a bit of a risk, would we be able to keep it exciting? Well, down the line it was actually just around 2:45. My speeches were planned to be longer, but I felt that I should let the music do the talking, so the duration of the show shrunk a little, and I guess nobody missed the speeches. It felt great to see Michi and Kai on stage, it felt great to sing those ballads with Bob and of course I am having a ball singing those diabolic duets with Jorn. I am so looking forward to traveling around the world with my fellows, the next three weeks will be amazing for all of us and hopefully for all of you. For tonight's second show in Pratteln there are few tickets left for the walk up audience. I am so looking forward to 8 o clock! See you somewhere on tour. - Tobi"
November 21, 2010
Rumors keep circulating about a second leg of the Avantasia tour in 2011. We want to make clear that after the December world tour there will be no more Avantasia tours or festival appearances, except from the Wacken show in 2011.

Tobias Sammet: "In 2011 we will not play any show except from the Wacken show, due to commitments that we all have with our individual main bands. That's why we are very happy about having found a time frame to bring the show on stage in December. "The Metal Opera Comes To Town" world tour 2010 will be a special event that will be neither repeated nor continued. That's why we'll play as many songs as possible and make it a special experience for us as much as for our fans. Because we are not naive enough to believe that this line-up will ever get the chance to share the stage again after the forthcoming tour."
November 03, 2010
On November 30th an allstar ensemble featuring Heavy Metal stars such as Jorn Lande (Masterplan), Bob Catley (Magnum), Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray, ex-Helloween), Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween, Unisonic), Amanda Somerville, Sascha Paeth (ex-Heaven's Gate), Olli Hartmann and many more will set off on a world tour to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime Avantasia-concert experience. According to mastermind Tobias Sammet the shows will be well over two hours long and the fans can expect all classics of the early Metal Opera albums as well as the hits and epics of the Scarecrow-album and the most recent chartbreaker albums "The Wicked Symphony / Angel Of Babylon". According to the European Billboard Charts the albums were among the ten best selling albums all over Europe upon their release, debuting on #2 in the German album charts.

As if this wasn't sensational enough, Tobias Sammet has managed to pull off yet another coup. He has managed to organize a world tour that will feature ex-Helloween legends Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen. It will be the first time the two former Helloween band mates will share the stage after Kai Hansen's departure from Helloween in 1989. has managed to grab Michael Kiske to ask him a few questions about the extravaganza.

Harmon Caldwell, Michael, in 1999 when Tobias first approached you to sing on his first Avantasia Metal Opera album what were your thoughts? What was it about Tobias and his music that made you want to sing his album while at the same time you were turning down other opportunities?

Michael: Of course I have to like the music. But with me it always also has a lot to do with the people who ask me. Tobi called me up and was kind of an ass, eh... I mean nice (kidding!). When he asked me the first time, I was still in the state of rather fading out the rock/metal-world, that's why I called myself Ernie on the album. I find that funny myself now. Today I am a lot more relaxed and since I met fans again in a few countries and played
live, I am okay with the idealistic and non-satanic parts of the metal-world again.
September 13, 2010
In December Avantasia will set off on a world tour to bring the prestigious "Metal Opera" onto stages around the world. Featuring frontmen Tobias Sammet, ex-Helloween companions Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen, Jorn Lande of Masterplan, Bob Catley of Magnum, Amanda Somerville and many more the ensemble just has been confirmed to play Japan & Brazil too. The complete tour now reads like this:


30. Nov 2010 Switzerland - Pratteln, Z7
01. Dec 2010 Switzerland - Pratteln, Z7
03. Dec 2010 Germany - Lichtenfels, Stadthalle*
04. Dec 2010 Germany - Kaufbeuren, All Karthalle*
05. Dec 2010 Sweden - Stockholm, Arenan
08. Dec 2010 Japan - Tokyo, Shinagawa Stellar Ball
10. Dec 2010 Mexico - Mexico City, Circo Volador
13. Dec 2010 Brazil - Sao Paulo, CTN
15. Dec 2010 Argentina - Buenos Aires, venue tba
18. Dec 2010 Germany - Fulda, Esperantohalle*
19. Dec 2010 Germany - Essen, Grugahalle*

*Due to the fact that this is not a regular or annual tour but an extensive Avantasia-event and experience, the show start for Avantasia will begin promptly at 8:00PM.

Tickets for the German dates are available at

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