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October 30, 2015
News from Tobias:

"What do Geoff Tate, Dee Snider, Michael Kiske, Robert Mason, Jorn Lande, Bob Catley, Ronnie Atkins, Olli Hartmann and me have in common with Marco Hietala of Nightwish? Yes, we're all good looking, funny and amazingly talented… AND: we'll be on the new Avantasia album Ghostlights - out in January 2016.

About Marco: It was August 1997 and we were in Helsinki to mix the Vain Glory Opera album of Edguy when someone played the band Tarot to me. That great band seemed to be some sort of a legend in Finland (in Germany Tarot were not really known at the time). A few years later a band called Nightwish had appeared on the map and were about to take the European Metal world upside down. Edguy played a festival in England with Saxon and amongst others: Nightwish! I remember even though they had a great female vocalist how much I loved the rendition of Ozzy Osbourne's 'Crazy Train' that they did - if I remember correctly - which was sung by their bass player. You know, a lot of bass players are bass players because they wanna be in a band too; and there's only so much damage you can do to the sound of a band with just a bass. Sometimes they're only in the band because they talk enough to organize things or they have a day job to finance the first demo recordings, nice stage clothes, or sun glasses, but at the end of the day, most of them aren't taken seriously because… well, because they're bass players. :) And they're always suspicious... ;) Anyway - I don't need a bass player because I play bass myself (not as good as Marco, but I am the cheaper solution for my own project, ha!). AND Marco is more than a bass player, he is a proper musician! I have no clue why it took so long until I eventually asked Marco Hietala (that bass playing vocalist with the two beards and the voice!!) if he could imagine singing a role on an Avantasia album. Now it is happening! And the results kick ass! You will love it! We're putting together an epic Metal record I believe…

Furthermore Robert Mason (Warrant) can been confirmed to sing on the new album as well. Robert first made a name for himself back in the early nineties as the lead singer in Lynch Mob. Robert is an amazing singer coming from what some would call a different musical world, and he contributed something very unique to the Avantasia world. He really gave the songs what they needed! You will hear it!

Cheerz, Tobi"
October 07, 2015
Fans in Europe & Asia have already had the pleasure to see the Danish rocker on stage with the Metal Opera. Now the whole world is going to get their share of Pretty Maids powerhouse Ronnie Atkins. He will not only appear on the new AVANTASIA album GHOSTLIGHTS (out January 29th), he will also join the massive all-star line up on stage around the globe during the GHOSTLIGHTS WORLD TOUR 2016 (dates at!). The European tour will start in March, tour dates in other parts of the world tba soon!

The new album GHOSTLIGHTS will be out January, 29th 2016. Singers who have been confirmed for the album are Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween, Unisonic), Jorn Lande, Geoff Tate (ex-Queensryche, Operation:Mindcrime), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) and Bob Catley (Magnum). More to be announced soon!
October 02, 2015
'We're Not Gonna Take It', 'I Wanna Rock', 'The Kids Are Back'... There's hardly any Rock fan around the globe who isn't familiar with the big hits of Rock icons TWISTED SISTER, whose frontman Dee Snider is going to appear on the forthcoming AVANTASIA album 'GHOSTLIGHTS' (out on January, 29th). Besides mastermind Tobias Sammet, vocalists who have been confirmed for the new chapter of the Metal Opera are Geoff Tate (ex-Queensryche, Operation Mindcrime), Jorn Lande, Bob Catley (Magnum) and Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween, Unisonic). More singers are going to be announced soon.

Tobias comments: "I've always been a fan of Twisted Sister and Dee Snider in particular. He is entertaining, flamboyant, energetic, loud, tongue in cheek, colourful and mean! When I was young, I remember that he was the kind of character that I wanted to be. A crossing between peacock, jackal and Bugs Bunny. I loved it! On "Ghostlights" Dee is gonna be a ghost, and what a ghost he is. Great performance. Dee, welcome to the Avantasia family!"
September 18, 2015
After Geoff Tate, Michael Kiske & Jorn Lande, another guest vocalist is confirmed to appear on the forthcoming AVANTASIA album "GHOSTLIGHTS" (January, 29th, 2016): Mr. BOB CATLEY.

Mainly known as the voice on masterpieces such as "On A Storyteller's Night" or "Wings Of Heaven" by British Epic Rock legend MAGNUM, BOB CATLEY has also made himself a name amongst AVANTASIA fans, having appeared on signature tracks such as "In Quest For", "The Story Ain't Over" or "The Great Mystery". Besides Jorn Lande, Michael Kiske and many more, Bob will also join AVANTASIA on the European tour that is going to kick off in March. AVANTASIA have already stated that they'll play over three hours every night and the setlist will contain both, some new material but also a lot of older classic stuff from all eras of the band's history. Tour dates and tickets can be found in the tour section (also for the Hamburg show there are still tickets available here!).


04.03. BERLIN
05.03. HAMBURG
06.03. BREMEN
08.03. LONDON
09.03. PARIS
12.03. MADRID
16.03. PRAGUE
19.03. BAMBERG
22.03. MILAN
02.04. FULDA

* Full Metal Mountain Festival appearance, no 3hrs show! MORE DATES TBA TICKET INFORMATION UNDER "TOUR"
September 13, 2015
On January 29th the new AVANTASIA album "GHOSTLIGHTS" will hit the stores: After JORN LANDE & GEOFF TATE a third very special guest can be announced: former HELLOWEEN & current UNISONIC vocalist MICHAEL KISKE. MICHAEL will not only appear on the album, he will also join AVANTASIA on the GHOSTLIGHTS WORLD TOUR 2016 (check for tourdates).

Tobias comments: "I have been friends with Micha for more than 15 years now. We recently joked when he asked me why he always gets to sing those high range Speed Metal anthems. My answer was quite simple: 'Because I can hardly think of anyone who could possibly do that any better!' The first time I heard Micha on one of my songs was 1999. I was blown away by what he did to stuff like 'Reach Out For The Light' or 'The Seven Angels'. You can convince yourself when we kick off the world tour in March, Micha will join AVANTASIA once again to do the old classics, but also some of the new material which sounds really fantastic; as Avantasia-esque as it gets. I am really suprised we found another time frame to do this tour together, I don't take it for granted as this may be the last tour in a long time. It's so difficult to align all those schedules, you can't imagine. We managed to find a time frame in spring 2016, and we wanna enjoy it to the fullest: I can promise you that we will play more than three hours every night! Old stuff, new stuff, everything! Be there! It may be your only chance to see this particular line up we're putting together, for sure it will be the last Avantasia tour in quite some time at least."

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