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April 17, 2015
On Friday, April 17th AVANTASIA's legendary debut album "The Metal Opera" and its follow-up "The Metal Opera 2" will be released as 180gr double picture vinyls in a limited print run. To this day these two albums are referred to as the hour-of-birth of the genre "Metal Opera". The albums featured many guest stars of the Classic Metal scene such as Michael Kiske, Kai Hansen, and Markus Großkopf, who played and sang on the same album again, for the first time since Helloween's Keeper Of The Seven Keys part 2.

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December 24, 2014
Merry Christmas my friends! Have a great holiday season with you and your loved ones! -Tobi
November 07, 2014
7 years ago today AVANTASIA released their first sign of life since 2002: "Lost In Space" came out as two EPs and marked Tobias' first top-10 single chart entry. It was also the first time a video was shot for an AVANTASIA song. The line up back then was Tobias on bass and vocals, producer Sascha Paeth on guitar and Kiss-drummer Eric Singer on drums.

August 11, 2014
After an amazing prime-time performance at Wacken Open Air 2014 (that was broadcast live on television) two AVANTASIA albums have entered the official album charts in Germany, again. The re-entries of THE MYSTERY OF TIME and THE SCARECROW prove that AVANTASIA have apparently left a mark upon TV viewers and Wacken spectators.

Tobias says: "Wacken was so special. I have spoken to several people in the band, fans, crew, fellow musicians who said that it was clearly the best Avantasia performace at Wacken ever. It was a special night for me and I wanna thank my Avantasia brothers and sisters, crew, musicians and fans alike, for sharing my vision and their endless support. I don't take it for granted, you all mean a lot to me. It has been an honor to be able to do this, and even though I do not think about a time schedule or details of future plans, I am sure we will do this again, some day: I will not put Avantasia to rest. It means too much to me to say goodbye at this point."

AVANTASIA's Wacken performance marked the last show of the MYSTERY OF TIME WORLD TOUR, during which the band performed in front of more than half a million fans in 20 countries in Europe, Asia and North, Central and South America. The original chart entries of the two afore mentioned albums were #2 and #8 upon release (2008 and 2013).

Tobias will now focus on EDGUY whom he‘ll kick off on a world tour with in September, tour dates

On Wednesday, August 13th his own radio show ("TOBIAS SAMMET ROCKSHOW") will launch at 9:00PM cet. Information at
July 30, 2014
On August 13th Tobias is going to join the club of vocalists who host their own radio show. Every Wednesday from 9:00PM to midnight Tobias is going to play his favourite Rock and Metal music and talk about whatever comes to his mind. Just like Alice Cooper's show, the TOBIAS SAMMET ROCK SHOW is going to be broadcast on RADIO BOB. You can also stream it at Tune in and spread the word!

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